Friday, June 12, 2009


Repeating themes: Disaster at my alma mater, Witnessing Space Launch Fail, Apocalypse, Violence, Death, Begins in day & ends in night

I had pretty intricately violent dream last night about zombies infecting the entire population of London/NYC/Loyola University Chicago which were the same place. On a sunny afternoon, I watched one rocket take off without a hitch. The second took off and slowly lost velocity and I watched the fire in its butt go off and it fall out of the sky and explode less than a mile in front of me.
Wounds on victims turned purple-bluish dead color and these sick/deceased people immediately turned aggressively homicidal a la Dawn of the Dead.
This escapade ended with me and a few other women taking off from my modern-style glass-walled iron-gated mansion on motor cycles as the last living souls in London.

Only reason it's significant is what's going on in my life right now and how repeating themes arise throughout the years. Restless sleep enables me to remember colors and details...instead of flowing through emotions in a dream, the baseline emotion is fear and my eyes are wide open in the dream, recording everything in minute detail. The inventory they are taking ---> witness to disaster, mass destructions, personal danger.

I'm afraid I might be making the wrong decision about directions in my life. I'm afraid that passively pussyfooting under clouding fears, passing time might make a decision for me. ...ehh ehhh! =>rockets explode before me in my dreams. The last time this happened, in my dream I watched the rocket from my grandparents' shady front porch. In my life at the time, I was stressed over finals and declaring a major.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I think those baristas at the coffee shop in the morning are crazy hyped on coffee.

Meanwhile, the patrons have not had their daily dose yet.

It's like droids and jumping beans, and a counter in between.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playing a Musical Instrument

1. Lower-Level Brain Structure
a. reticular formation
b. medulla
c. cerebellum
2. Description of How the Lower-Level Structure Is Involved in Musical Performance
a. The reticular formation keeps Steve awake and alert during the performance.
b. The medulla keeps Steve's heart beating and lungs breathing by sending neural messages through the autonomic peripheral nervous system.
c. Controls the muscles of Steve's fingers strumming the guitar.
3. Upper-Level Brain Structure
a. temporal lobes
b. sensory cortex, parietal lobe
c. motor cortex, parietal lobe
4. Description of How the Upper-Level Structure Is Involved in Musical Performance
a. The temporal lobes interpret the sound Steve is playing, so he knows if he's off or not.
b. When his fingernail strums the guitar, Steve's feels the sensation through his sensory cortex, telling him how hard or soft he is strumming.
c. Steve's motor cortex transmits signals his fingers to play accordingly.

Monday, April 13, 2009

So, how's your girl?

What should I do with my life? Where should I live? Why can't I find a man? These are the questions that plague me on a daily basis. The third one... deleted! Not important! The second one... depends on the first, so don't worry for now. The first question... so I pushed the possibilities of my current position to its max, and I'm looking at what to do next. I know I want to be challenged. I know I need to be able to flex my intellectual muscles to be happy and maybe specialization is a good idea for me. I've been thinking a lot about law school. I think maybe I've been surrounded by law students for so long I think this might make me happy. I think I automatically gravitate toward it because it seems legitmate and challenging, and I'm hungry. I don't think law school is the answer

F u, law schooL! so what should I do? Art therapy vs. Business Administration? That is the arena we face today. I am interested in art therapy and helping people. I'm kind of more interested is building something and growing it, like a business. Museums and forensics also interest me. But browsing things I would want to eat breathe and sleep for several years (number one: color theory), I also have to pick something responsible, that will support me financially.
So I'm feeling really lost and alone right now. And then I fixate on something, like law school, that soothes my mind. Intense. Impulsive. 11 hours until yoga.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Peppermint tea

Sore Throat? Peppermint tea. Feeling crabby? Peppermint tea. Good for breakfast. Good for bed. Caffeine free. Fun filled. Especially if its nice and strong. Aveda's loose tea is a little weird, but I guess it's supposed to be especially 'natural'. It kind of coats your throat a little bit. Peppermint tea is the kind of thing I have to be in the mood for, but when the mood strikes and there's some around it's allllll gooooooooood.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

St. Louis

Took pictures/spent time with Abby. She is noticeably more infirm, in pain, and disoriented everytime I go home. Ominous Anxiety.

Mick and Will, and some family/friends from their wedding all met up at O'Connell's Pub. Drank/smoked too much. Mick dragged her ass out of bed at 10:00 for some Uncle Bill's. Then got laid off two days later.

My dad was laid off 1/30/09, last day 4/3/09, which ends up being a better retirement than the one he was already planning to take this spring, but also a little scary for a workaholic. I think mom and I keep thinking of new things that can give him purpose, but they seem to be in our service. How he's going to carry extra weight with house chores and make dinners she will eat (pork and beans - his specialty - are not acceptable), how he can go camping with me for Months! to all the places I want to go.

Made thank you cards with insincere intent with mom's friends. The cards ended up being better suited for sincere cards. Worthless for maleficent aim, but I came out ahead. Her friend, 'Mary Engelbreit,' made salad and mostcacolli, served with 24 oz Coke and Cheesecake Factory for dessert. I need to send her one of those cards...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a great natural solvent. It won't hurt your skin but is a bit harsh if you apply full strength to your face. (And it will burn like hell if your pores are open [if it's steamy]). But a drop of it will pop a balloon.
Uses: antiseptic moisturizer for skin irritations (wounds or pimples), can help clean grease and paint stains (?)

I put some on my face after a warm shower, following some time in the sauna. The only time I remember my face burning so badly was when my dad told me ammonia would clear up whatever rash was on my face and failed to mention that I needed to rinse it off immediately and then I woke up in pain with that pretty bad chemical burn. Oh yeah, remember that time?

Those were good times. It's the cheapest way to have a chemical peel, if you don't mind gambling with blindness.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Simple Vegetable Soup

I spent 2 hours cutting vegetables and effing around, that the veggies and ingredients are still in my fridge 2 days later and I haven't actually made the soup. Instead I got distracted trying to take cool pictures for my blog demonstrating the awesome Bert & Ernie Sing in the Tub record I listened to about 6 times that night. Between this and the opera, my independence is revealing I AM A NERD. I don't know how long this blog will last. I'm trying to be married to these little things I talk about in the blog, not to the blog. Meanwhile, I've got a food diary and a personal journal and there is no life left. But if a blog gets me to figure out manual settings on the digital camera, then the blog it is! The food diary's making me feel a little crazy woman anyway.

Madame Butterfly

30 below outside, lots of old people in fur coats.

A little bit scary at first by myself, and a long, slow show which made it that much more powerful at the end. I totally cried, even though I couldn't wait for it to be over already.
Picture: My special opera shirt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vitamin A

Vitamin A makes my eyes shiny (I think) and my skin heal. It is in spinach, carrots, egg yolks, mozzarella, apricots, milks, mango, cantaloupe, sweet potato, liver and lamb.
Supplement: Cod Liver Oil.
How much? 15,000 IU
Too much? 200,000 IU for 6 months
Too much is toxic, esp. during pregnancy (can cause birth defects during early pregnancy). Too much beta carotene will turn skin orange. Vit A in plants (yams, mango, carrots, etc) is beta carotene and the body only absorbs about 30%. If most vit A is ingested through animal sources (retinal/retinol), body absorbs 90% and that would be a path to toxicity.

Conclusion: Eat as much vit A as possible, balance plant/animal ratio @ 2:1 and don't worry about it. Reexamine before getting knocked up or if you are looking rather orange today w/o sunless tanning.

Hello, Stalker

Possible Blog Titles:

Cece Klee (alias, less pressure. Cece: Cecelia, confirmation name, St. Cecelia, patron saint of music, died a virgin, hard to kill, incorruptible, visited her church in Rome. Klee: Paul Klee, Swiss-German Expressionist, awesome, methodical approach to identifying universal stuff through a completely subjective understanding... i don't even know what i mean by that, but that's what i mean. love his art. love it. the images by themselves, i consistently heart. This is "Drawn One" 1935)

Adventures in Letting it Die

Schnookie Sails the Seven Seas

Poopy & Flan

Two nights ago I dreamt I was sucked into a Tornado. Before it happened, I tried to call my dad to say I love you and let someone know I was about to die. And I realized that holding onto the the bottom of a bus shelter post was not going to save me. "Wow" + "Oh Shit" = Wide awake.

Yesterday I made Deviled Eggs. I also went to the gym, bought 4 pairs of shoes and a hat for $63, only bought the stuff on my list at the grocery store, and did all the dishes. Weird awareness of craving mind yesterday, success involved some sort of reallignment, ineffable. More I try to put my finger on it, the less understanding I can recall.