Friday, June 12, 2009


Repeating themes: Disaster at my alma mater, Witnessing Space Launch Fail, Apocalypse, Violence, Death, Begins in day & ends in night

I had pretty intricately violent dream last night about zombies infecting the entire population of London/NYC/Loyola University Chicago which were the same place. On a sunny afternoon, I watched one rocket take off without a hitch. The second took off and slowly lost velocity and I watched the fire in its butt go off and it fall out of the sky and explode less than a mile in front of me.
Wounds on victims turned purple-bluish dead color and these sick/deceased people immediately turned aggressively homicidal a la Dawn of the Dead.
This escapade ended with me and a few other women taking off from my modern-style glass-walled iron-gated mansion on motor cycles as the last living souls in London.

Only reason it's significant is what's going on in my life right now and how repeating themes arise throughout the years. Restless sleep enables me to remember colors and details...instead of flowing through emotions in a dream, the baseline emotion is fear and my eyes are wide open in the dream, recording everything in minute detail. The inventory they are taking ---> witness to disaster, mass destructions, personal danger.

I'm afraid I might be making the wrong decision about directions in my life. I'm afraid that passively pussyfooting under clouding fears, passing time might make a decision for me. ...ehh ehhh! =>rockets explode before me in my dreams. The last time this happened, in my dream I watched the rocket from my grandparents' shady front porch. In my life at the time, I was stressed over finals and declaring a major.

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